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  1. PageHome Artistic interpretation of Word marks and figurative marks. International companies and clubs employ his art.
  2. FolderThe Artist Art changes and change is art. Two statements with different meaning.
    1. PagePhilosophy Word marks and figurative marks expressing more valuable by the artist Ferencz Olivier - their tradition will be visualized.
    2. PageCurriculum Vitae Read about the milestones in the life of the artist Ferencz Olivier.
    3. PageGallery The Gallery of artist Ferencz Olivier is at the Spiekerhof at the Spiegelturm, in the heart of Münster, between the Überwasserkirche and the cathedral of Münster, Westphalia.
    4. PageStudio The artist Ferencz Olivier has his studio in the Versöhnungskirche between Friesenring and Martin-Luther-Street in the Centre of Münster, Westphalia.
  3. FolderWorks of Art Here, the art-categories of the artist Ferencz Olivier are presented.
    1. FolderPortfolio Visual Arts - portfolio of freelance artist Ferencz Olivier. Order painting for companies, clubs and individuals.
      1. FolderLogoart info As an artist, I paint company logos (word marks and figurative marks) to a cultural heritage. They will appear more valuable.
      2. FolderZeitart info Old newspapers artistically refined. A time trip through a Honoree life.
      3. PageWappenart info Coat of arms with a original historic newspaper as personal gift.
      4. FolderObjektart info The Objektart Sculptures and Advertising Columns are three-dimensional bodies with high-class materials with motifs from my diverse art categories.
      5. PageContact Form Contact the artist and ask Ferencz Olivier your questions about the different offers from the categories Logoart, Zeitart and Wappenart.
      6. PageImage brochure The Ferencz Olivier image brochure was drawn up in the beginning of 2011 and offers a litte inside in the artist´s life and work.
      7. FolderVideos 
        1. PageCorporate Video Ferencz Oliver - image film. In this 1.5 minute image film, I something about the essence of my artistic work.
        2. PageThe Artist´s Portrait Ferencz Oliver - artist´s portrait. In the 8 minute artist portrait, I invite you in my Munster Atelier to present my artworks.
        3. PageWestfalen AG You will see a ca. 2-minutes-long recording of the presentation of my painting Westfalen AG from 8th May 2014 in the newly designed company headquarters im Münster.
        4. PageTechno Classica In April 2013 I presented my artwork "Racing Legends – Mille Miglia" at the Techno Classica Essen. A little insight is included in the recording of this ca. 4-minutes interview..
        5. PageAschendorff The 6 minute film recording - Image presentation Aschendorff shows the final climax of the ceremony to the 250-year anniversary of the Achendorff Publishing House. Ferencz Olivier reveals with Dr. Benedikt Hüffer and Dr. Eduard Hüfferdas of the Logoart artwork.
        6. PageTank & Rast A 6 minute film lecture with Ferencz Olivier on the subject: Change is art. This film was created on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Tank & Rast in May 2011.
    2. FolderCommissioned As a freelance artist, I offer companies, associations and private individuals my artworks.
      1. FolderLogoart Consciously or unconsciously indelible traces Word marks and figurative marks. They convey values, arouse emotions and reflect philosophies.
        1. PageGallery Logoart In the Logoart gallery I show some of my works from the art-category Logoart
      2. FolderWeltart Artistic interpretation of brands through the use of Globes
        1. PageGallery Weltart A cross section of some painted globes with integrated corporate values as a message.
      3. FolderEinzigart For moments that deserve something special Ferencz Olivier launched the art-category of Einzigart to present his creations of unique gifts.
        1. PageGallery Einzigart In the Gallery of Einzigart, I show some of my works from the art-category Einzigart.
      4. FolderZeitart A painted artwork as a journey through time becomes special gift.
        1. PageGallery Zeitart In the Zeitart Gallery, I show some of my works from the art-category of Zeitart.
      5. FolderEigenart In the Eigenart art-category you will find artworks that have arisen from different experiences and impressions.
        1. PageGallery Eigenart Matador The Matador in the Eigenart Gallery. Expressive art - painted by the artist Ferencz Olivier.
        2. PageGallery Eigenart Priest The priest in the Eigenart Gallery. Expressive art - painted by the artist Ferencz Olivier.
      6. FolderObjektart In the Objektart category three-dimensional works with high-class materials are created in various dimensions since 2015.
        1. PageSculptures The four versions of Objektart Sculptures with Motif-Head can be placed free-standing or hung up depending on the execution.
        2. FolderAdvertising Columns With the large-scaled Objektart Advertising Column by Ferencz Olivier, an oil painted canvas with the desired motifs is fitted around on a metal substructure.
          1. PageMB-AU-2016 Objektart Advertising Column by Ferencz Olivier - Main subjects: Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union - Oil- / mixed media on canvas and metal frame substructure
    3. FolderProjects On this page I would like to inform you about my various projects.
      1. FolderRofgo-Collection At Top Marques Monaco, I was introduced to the German entrepreneur, Roald Goethe. This meeting was the beginning of an art project that lasted one and a half years and consists 16 paintings of brand images, racing scenes, a poster and a Le Mans - Steve McQueen Pop-Art work.
        1. FolderChapter 1 - Section 1 
          1. PageAston Martin Aston Martin's history in motorsport arguably began in 1932, when a 1,5 litre model finished 7th overall and won the Biennial Cup in that year's Le Mans 24-hour race.
          2. PageAudi The Audi R8 has already earned its place in the history books as one of the finest racing sports cars of all time. It ranks up there with the Jaguar D-Type, Ford GT40 and Porsche 956 as a true legend of endurance racing.
          3. PageFord The GT40 was born out of a decision made by Henry Ford in 1962 to break from the long-standing agreement between US car manufacturers not to directly enter motor racing.
          4. PageHowmet The Howmet TX was the prototype of a US-racing car, designed in 1968, in order to research the competitiveness of gas turbine-powered vehicles in motor racing.
        2. FolderChapter 1 - Section 2 
          1. PageLamborghini Lamborghini unveiled its much-vaunted road going Gallardo in 2004. Arguably a down-sized Murciélago, it is by far the company's most produced model to date with over 10.000 examples being manufactured in the first seven years alone.
          2. PageLola Lola was a British manufacturer who built racing cars till 2012. The company's founder was the British engineer Eric Broadley.
          3. PageMcLaren Bruce McLaren Motor Racing was an independent racing car constructor right from the beginning. Since 1966, Bruce McLaren entered the Formula 1 World Championship with his own cars.
          4. PageMercedes Benz Only three of the Mercedes-Benz O 317 models were built as Porsche-racing car transporters. The famous Gulf-Wyer-Team was the lucky beneficiary of those vehicles built in 1967.
        3. FolderChapter 1 - Section 3 
          1. PageMirage The lightweight Mirage racing cars were built by John Wyer Automotive Engineereing, also known as JWAE, at Slough in England, initially to compete in international sports car races in the colours of the Gulf Oil Corporation.
          2. PagePorsche In 1970 the triumph of the Porsche 917 model began. Under the leadership of John Wyer Automotive and with great financial support of Gulf Oil, the team won the Racing Car World Championship for Porsche in 1970 and 1971.
          3. PageRepco Brabham Motor Racing Developments Ltd., short MRD, was a British racing car manufacturer and a motorsports team.
          4. PageTyrrell The Tyrrell Racing Organisation was a British motorsports racing stable, operating exclusively in the Formula 1 between 1970 and 1998.
        4. FolderChapter 2 
          1. PageCan-AM 1972 The artwork shows the scene from the Can-Am race of 1972 with Denny Hulme in his McLaren M20 in front of George Follmer in his Porsche 917/10, who in the end crossed the finish line as the winner in front of Hulme.
          2. PageLe Mans 1971 The 1971 24 Hours of Le Mans was the 39th Grand Prix of Endurance and took place on 12 and 13 June 1971.
          3. PageLe Mans 1923 The first 24-hours-race of Le Mans took place on 26th and 27th May 1923, on the Circuit de la Sarthe near Le Mans.
          4. PagePop-Art LM-SMQ My artistic approach in connection with a specific painting techique evokes the impression that the artwork with its relief-like structure and its apparel reminding of a fresco, was created before that time and more or less represents the lithographic printing plate for planned lithographies.
        5. PageEnquiry form Contact the artist Ferencz Oliver to ask your questions about the projekt "Rofgo-Collection".
        6. PageCatalogue Accompanying my project "Rofgo-Collection" a catalogue was designed in 2020.
      2. PageStiftung Neuromedizin The artwork for the Neuromedicine Foundation was created by 2015 and was left to the Foundation for the appreciation of the charitable work.
      3. FolderEpochal Brands 
        1. FolderCars 
          1. FolderEdition 2015 In Edition 2015 of Brands of an Epoch - Cars, Ferencz Olivier present his artistic interpretations of the brand marks of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Benz, Porsche, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Alfa-Romeo.
            1. PageFerrari The Scuderia Ferrari logo shows the Cavallino Rampante in a coat of arms that is framed with the Tricolore in the upper part and the initials S F on yellow ground - the colour of the city of Modena.
            2. PageLamborghini From his passion for Spanish bullfights, Lamborghini developed the emblem of the panting bull in a coat of arms, which has become the symbol for the powerful aggressive constructions since 1962.
            3. PageBenz With the brand name Mercedes-Benz, Daimler-Benz AG combines the star of DMG with the laurel wreath of Benz in the logo.
            4. PagePorsche For the first cars with the name Porsche in 1952 the emblem was designed, which shows the quartering, the deer antler and the red and black stripes from the coat of arms of Württemberg-Hohenzollern in combination with the horse of Stuttgart.
            5. PageJaguar The brand name Jaguar first appeared in the name of a model for the newly developed model range of Standard Swallow Vehicles. After 1945 they decided to take over this name from S.S. Cars Ltd.´s successful series for the whole company.
            6. PageRolls-Royce The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars emblem shows the intertwined initials of the founders and could first be found on a brochure in 1905. The initially red letters on the radiator badges were changed into black in 1933.
            7. PageMaserati Inspired by Neptune´s well on the Piazza Maggiore in the centre of Bologna Mario Maserati created the emblem with the Tridente which should survive the company´s move to Modena and which can still be found on cars from this brand.
            8. PageAlfa-Romeo A.L.F.A. showed a round badge with Milan´s coat of arms, the snake from the Visconti´s coat of arms and the surrounding lettering ALFA MILANO, seperated by two Savoyan knots, on blue ground. The name ROMEO was added in 1915.
          2. PageEnquiry form Contact the artist Ferencz Oliver to ask your questions about the projekt Brands of an Epoch - Cars in the 2015th edition.
          3. PageCatalogue Accompanying my project "Brands of an Epoch - Cars" a catalogue was designed in 2015.
      4. PageWestfalen AG Artwork for the Westfalen AG. On the occasion of the 90th anniversary my Logoart artwork will be presented in the newly remodelled headquarters.
      5. FolderRacing Legends In the end of 2012 I began developing the project Legends of Motorsports and revive the centennial history of car racing sports in its glorious stages.
        1. FolderLe Mans In the series of paintings in my project "Racing Legends - Le Mans" I will bring the history of the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1923 to 1939 back to life.
          1. FolderOverall winners MPD TheOverall Winners MPD series broaches the issue of the winning racing car brands´ history of the 24 hours of Le Mans until the year 1939.
            1. PageChenard & Walcker Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPD, Section Chenard & Walcker: Convinced that the car was the vehicle of the future, Ernest Chenard, together with his long-time companion, Henri Walcker, founded the Société Chenard & Walcker, on 19th January 1899.
            2. PageLorraine-Dietrich Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPD, Section Lorraine-Dietrich: Under the name De Dietrich et Compagnie Eugène de Dietrich, together with his nephew Adrien de Turckheim, began producing vehicles in factories situated in Lunéville and Niederbronn in 1897.
            3. PageLagonda Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPD, Section Lagonda: The American Wilbur Gunn had already earned a reputation as opera singer, before he emigrated to England in 1891, in order to dedicate himself to his second obsession: the construction of machines.
            4. PageDelahaye Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPD, Section Delahaye: Fascinated by the first automobiles, the French automobile pioneer Émile Delahaye experimented with steam- and combustion engines, until he began manufacturing his own vehicles in 1894.
          2. FolderOverall winners MPC The following chapter of my project "Racing Legends - Le Mans" deals with the overall winners whose car production is still continued: MPC
            1. PageBentley Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPC, Section Bentley: The mechanical engineer and ardent racing pilot Walter Owen Bentley began working independently in 1912, to market and to make vehicles suitable for racing sports.
            2. PageAlfa-Romeo Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPC, Section Alfa-Romeo: In Milan´s suburb Portello, the Società Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili began to produce their first purely Italian make in 1910.
            3. PageBugatti Racing Legends - Le Mans, Overall Winners MPC, Section Bugatti: The epoch of motor sports had only just begun, when in 1881 Ettore Arco Isidoro was born into the artist family Bugatti.
          3. FolderPoster series 
            1. PagePoster 1923 For the poster of the 24 hours of Le Mans from 1923, the original event poster was used as a basis for my work to create an artwork of the category Zeitart.
            2. PagePoster 1930 With the poster of 1930 I pick up the charm of old motorsports posters and focus the eighth edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans.
            3. PagePoster 1931 With the poster of 1931 I pick up the charm of old motorsports posters and fucus the ninth edition of the 24 hours of Le Mans.
          4. PageEnquiry form Contact the artist Ferencz Oliver to ask your questions about the projekt "Racing Legends - Le Mans".
          5. PageCatalogue Accompanying my project "Racing Legends - Le Mans" a catalogue was designed in 2014.
        2. FolderMille Miglia My project Racing Legends pays attention on the classical Mille Miglia between 1927 and 1957 and the sports car brands of the "1000 Miles" from Brescia via Rome and back.
          1. FolderOverall champions The protagonists of chapter 1 - overall champions distinguish themselves by at least one victorious participation in the classical Mille Miglia.
            1. PageOM Officine Meccaniche from Milan began car manufacturing in Brescia, the hometown of the Mille Miglia, in around 1918.
            2. PageAlfa-Romeo The year 1928 heralded the victorious era of the Lombardic car manufacturer Alfa-Romeo in the Mille Miglia.
            3. PageMercedes-Benz As the first non-Italian driver team Mercedes-Benz took the lead in the legendary road race Mille Miglia in 1931.
            4. PageBMW With their model Type 328, developed in 1935, BMW could achieve numerous successes in car races.
            5. PageFerrari From 1948 onward, the Mille Miglia was all about the Cavallino Rampante by Ferrari.
            6. PageLancia The continuously redeveloped models of the Turin-based manufacturer Lancia successfully took part in the Mille Miglia race since 1927.
          2. FolderClass winners Chapter 2 of my project "Racing legends" is exclusively dedicated to the winners of the diverse racing sport categories of the classical Mille Miglia.
            1. PageBugatti Already in the age of 17 the Milan-born engineer Ettore Bugatti began to construct motorized vehicles.
            2. PageMaserati Ffrom 1931 to 1956 various models from the car manufacturer Maserati achieved a total of 9 class victories.
            3. PageAston Martin The brand Aston Martin achieved a total of three class victories in the Mille Miglia between 1935 and 1953.
            4. PagePorsche In the Mille Miglia, Porsche reached eleven class victories with their models 356 and 550.
          3. PageEnquiry form Contact the artist Ferencz Oliver to ask your questions about the projekt "Racing Legends - Mille Miglia".
          4. PageCatalogue Accompanying my project "Racing Legends - Mille Miglia" a catalogue was designed in 2013.
      6. PageTank und Rast On the occasion of the anniversary of Tank & Rast, Ferencz Olivier gives a lecture on the subject "Change is art".
  4. PageReferences Among the customers of the artist Ferencz Olivier you will find football clubs, associations, companies and private collectors from all over the world.
  5. FolderUp to date 
    1. PageNews In this news section you will find information about upcoming and current events and projects of the artist Ferencz Olivier.
    2. PageDownloads Download the current catalog of the artist Ferencz Olivier.
  6. PageContact Get in contact with the artist Ferencz Olivier from Rottach-Egern.
  7. PageSite map Here you will find an overview of the Web page of the freelance artist Ferencz Olivier.
  8. FolderImprint The imprint to Ferencz Olivier´s website. Here you will find the necessary information according to § 5 of Telemediengesetz.
    1. PagePrivacy Data Privacy Announcement for the website of Ferencz Olivier. Find relevant information to protect your privacy.
  9. PageRetrospective Ferencz Olivier shows a retrospektive of his works from 2003 till today.

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