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It influences our perception, creates atmosphere and opens new perspectives.
It adds new impulses to ones own fantasy ad is able to tell stories. This incredible effect has elated me for many years. Already as a boy I lingered fascinated in front of old building fronts, on which the fragile remnants of long-forgotten advertising campaigns were visible. In this time I was not yet continuous of what exactly created the fascination of these fresco-like fragments. But today I know what elated me: they had not lost anything of their effect over the years. On the contrary – the traces that time had left on them had made them in a special way more enthralling and unique.

Only years later, during an educational journey through Italy, I could enjoy the special experience, to see original historical frescoes from the Italian Renaissance. The feeling that came up immediately was the same as it had been many years before: pure fascination. In front of my eyes a window opened, offering a glance at a long gone by epoch …  an unforgettable experience!

These intensive impressions were last but not least the impetus for my experimental painting as an artist, to develop techniques, to search for new approaches and to play with materials and ideas. The enthusiasm for experimenting and the striving for perfection have finally led to the fact that today the diverse works from my studio carry a distinctive mark: They are always a unique specimen.