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The gallery is situated in the heart of Münster, the ”Kuhviertel“. The house was built as a manor in 1783 by Fritz von Merz, Lieutenant of the artillery.  The height of the ceilings, which is 4 metres, allows painting large-sized works of art and upon completion, their exposed exhibition.

Hint: further information is available on the websites Baukunst NRW and the Wiki Münster.

New Gallery - Ferencz Olivier

Since June 2014 the new "Galerie - Ferencz Olivier" is at Spiekerhof, corner Spiegelturm. Until the revision of this website you can find further information in my newsfeed from 23rd June 2014, which can be reached via the left column here.

Newsfeed - 23rd June 2014

Ferencz Olivier and the Neuromedicine Foundation

It was in October 2014 when I made the acquaintance of Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Wiendl, a young physician with great interest in