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Change is Art »

Word- and figurative marks represent values.

Like the cover of a book they are visual recognition features. At the first glance they only show one level, but they contain much more.

My motivation is to confer more energy to brand logos in order to visualize their tradition and innovative power. Using a special technique, resembling the fresco paintings from the Italian Renaissance, I try to make the logo a cultural artefact. This adds a further paradigm to corporate identity and a stable perception. It emotionally increases trust to the respective enterprise and lets it appear more valuable.

Because of the vast competition among products and services today, humans in the narrow time frame available to them, hardly have the chance to judge quality objectively.
Due to my artistic interpretation of the logos, the images positively influence the evaluation process and let the enterprise or the brand appear more sympathetic. The works of art do not stand at the end of a closed process, but underline the brand´s character in order to make future actions more successful.

Ferencz Olivier