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10/04/2018 Ferencz Olivier at the Classic Expo Salzburg 2018

Ferencz Olivier Exhibition Classic Expo Salzburg 2018

In two weeks, the 14th holding of the Classic Expo Salzburg will take place. Austria´s largest vintage car trade fair will open its gates under the motto "Fascination Vintage Cars" from Friday, 19th October till Sunday, 21st October....[more]

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02/06/2018 Ferencz Olivier Exhibition at the Techno-Classica 2018

Ferencz Olivier at the Techno-Classica 2018

Next month the Techno-Classica Essen will take place and its 30th holding will be celebrated on the trade fair grounds in Essen from 21st to 25th March 2018. For the fifth time in succession since 2013 I have booked a stall and will exhibit my...[more]

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09/21/2017 Ferencz Olivier at the Classic Expo Salzburg 2017

Ferencz Olivier Exhibition Classic Expo Salzburg 2017

In October the Classic Expo Salzburg, Austria´s biggest vintage car-trade fair is going to take place. From 20th till 22nd October 2017 the trade fair is going to be held for the 13th time in the marvelous capital of the Land Salzburg. During these...[more]

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05/15/2017 Ferencz Olivier at the Swiss Classic World 2017

Ferencz Olivier - Swiss Classic World 2017

In the following week already the fourth Swiss Classic World  is taking place on the Allmend of Lucerne at the Lake Lucerne. Since its first holding in 2014 this small but dignified and exclusive trade fair for vintage cars has had a fixed...[more]

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04/13/2017 Ferencz Olivier at the Top Marques Monaco 2017

Ferencz Olivier at the Top Marques Monaco 2017

Only a stone's throw away from the world-famous Casino de Monte-Carlo the Top Marques Monaco is going to take place on the Grimaldi-Forums from 20th to 23rd April 2017. On the occasion of this exclusive trade fair the latest luxurious masterpieces...[more]

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03/23/2017 Ferencz Olivier Exhibition at the Techno-Classica 2017

Ferencz Olivier at the Techno-Classica 2017

The Techno-Classica Essen Techno-Classica Essen, known as the world's biggest trade fair for collectible cars, will be held for the 29th time on the trade fair area in Essen from 5th to 9th April 2017. From Wednesday to Sunday I will exhibit my...[more]

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02/12/2017 Ferencz Olivier at the Retro Classics Stuttgart 2017

Ferencz Olivier Exhibition Retro Classics Stuttgart 2017

Europe´s biggest vintage car trade fair, Retro Classics, is going to be held in Stuttgart from March 2nd to March 5th 2017. According to the host, the visitors of this opulent vintage car-meeting can look forward to seeing gorgeous legendary cars,...[more]

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11/11/2016 Ferencz Olivier at the Retro Classics Bavaria 2016

Ferencz Olivier Exhibition RCB 2016

For the year-end-closing I have included a new trade fair in my calender of events. From 9th till 12th December the first holding of the Retro Classics Bavaria will take place on the trade-fair-premise in Nuremberg. This trade show is the latest...[more]

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09/23/2016 Ferencz Olivier at the Classic Expo Salzburg 2016

Ferencz Olivier CES 2016

Next month Austria´s largest vintage car trade fair will be held for the 12th time in the halls of Salzburg´s trade fair centre. From Friday, 14th October 2016 till Sunday, 16th October, I will exhibit my artworks on 63 square metres in hall 10...[more]

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05/11/2016 Ferencz Olivier at the Swiss Classic World 2016

Ferencz Olivier - Exhibition SCW2016

On 28th and 29th May 2016 the third "Swiss Classic World" will take place at the shore of Lake Lucerne. On this last weekend of May I will exhibit my artworks in Hall 1 (Stand 123). Because of the positive experiences this small but fine...[more]

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03/21/2016 Ferencz Olivier at the Techno-Classica 2016

Ferencz Olivier at the Techno-Classica 2016

Next month, from 6th to 10th April 2016, the 28th Techno-Classica will be held on the trade-fair premise in Essen. I will exhibit my artworks at this biggest trade fair for collectible cars in Hall 4 (stall 122) from Wednesday to...[more]

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02/12/2016 Ferencz Olivier at the Retro Classics Stuttgart 2016

Ferencz Olivier - Exhibition RCS2016

For me the exhibition-year 2016 will begin in Stuttgart for the first time. For automotive legends and tomorrow´s vintage car valuables enthusiasts the Retro Classics will take place there from 17th to 20th March 2016.Gorgeous car-legends from all...[more]

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10/12/2015 Ferencz Olivier at the Top Marques Monaco 2016

Top Marques Monaco 2016

In exactly 184 days the "Top Marques" in Monaco will open its gates between 14th and 17th April 2016. On the 4 days of the luxury fair´s 13th holding, with many stars and celebrities the most extravagant land-, water-, and air vehicles...[more]

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09/21/2015 Ferencz Olivier at the Classic Expo Salzburg 2015

Logo Classic Expo Salzburg

In the beautiful city of Salzburg Austria´s biggest trade fair for classic cars opens its gates for the 11th time from 16th to 18th October 2015. Because of the positive experiences I had already decided to exhibit at this mass gathering for vintage...[more]

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08/28/2015 Ferencz Olivier and the Neuromedicine Foundation

Ferencz Olivier Logoart Neuromedicine Foundation

It was in October 2014 when I made the acquaintance of Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Wiendl, a young physician with great interest in art via a contact of another customer. Next to his position as the director of the neurological clinic of the...[more]

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07/22/2015 Big Showcase Update

Button to my Retrospective

A new section of my website has been set up in which the artworks and categories that I have created over the years can comprehensively be accessed. In an automatic slide show. Such an area exists already since the beginning of this year under...[more]

Category: General, Development

06/24/2015 Addendum to the exhibition at Swiss Classic World 2015

Stall Ferencz Olivier Swiss Classic World 2015 View 1

At the end of last month I exhibited at the second "Swiss Classic World" in Lucerne on 30th and 31st May 2015. At this relatively young trade fair the upper crust of the Swizz vintage car scene came together and filled the entire halls of...[more]

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05/26/2015 Ferencz Olivier at the Swiss Classic World 2015

Ferencz Olivier - Exhibition at the Swiss Classic World 2015

At the last weekend of May the second "Swiss Classic World" will take place in the Neue Messe in Luzern on 30th and 31st May. The focus of this small but exclusive trade fair for vintage cars at the Vierwaldstättersee are high-value...[more]

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04/27/2015 Epochal Brands – Cars at the Techno-Classica 2015

Ferencz Olivier TCE 2015 - frontview

From 15th - 19th April 2015 I had the opportunity to present the first eight works of my project "Epochal Brands – Cars" to a larger audience for the first time. Because of my positive experiences at the world´s largest trade fair for...[more]

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03/27/2015 Addendum to the Antwerp Classic Salon 2015 Exhibition

Fair trade stall ACS 2015 Le Mans

In the beginning of March I travelled to Antwerp from 6th to 8th of March 2015, in order to exhibit works from my art-categories "Einzigart", "Logoart" and the overall-winner series of my "Racing Legends - Le Mans" on...[more]

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03/07/2015 Brands of an Epoch - Cars

Coversheet Brands of an Epoch - Cars

Just like in the last two years I have prepared a new project for 2015 as well. Based on my artistic interpretation of denonimative mark descriptions and figurative marks in my "Logoart" works I have developed several series since 2012...[more]

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02/11/2015 Ferencz Olivier at Antwerp Classic Salon 2015

Antwerp Classic Salon 2015 Banner

For my second exhibition in 2015 I will visit our Belgian neighbours in Antwerp. Here the "Antwerp Classic Salon" will open its gates for the 38th time from 6th to 8th March 2015 and invites automobile enthusiasts into the four halls of...[more]

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01/17/2015 Addendum on the exhibition at InterClassics and TopMobiel 2015

FO stall IC-TM 2015 01

Directly in the second week of January in the New Year, the 22nd edition of the biggest vintage-car event in Benelux took place from 8th till 11th January - the "InterClassics & TopMobiel". On an area of 33.000 sqm in Maastricht´s...[more]

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12/11/2014 Ferencz Olivier at the InterClassics and TopMobiel 2015

InterClassics and TopMobiel 2015 Banner

The exhibition season 2015 will start for me at our neighbours in the Netherlands. In Maastricht, on the first weekend in January, the "InterClassics & TopMobiel" is going to take place. This trade fair belongs to the biggest vintage...[more]

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11/20/2014 Addendum on the Exhibition at the Classic Expo Salzburg 2014

Ferencz Olivier´s stall frontsite

From 17th to 19th October 2014 I had booked a stall at the 10th Classic Expo in the beautiful Mozart-City of Salzburg. During the three days of the 10th anniversary of the trade fair about 25.000 visitors came to the three booked-out halls of the...[more]

Category: Events

09/30/2014 Ferencz Olivier at the Classic Expo Salzburg 2014

Classic Expo Salzburg 2014

There is another date in my exhibition calender. From 17th to 19th October2014 I will exhibit my works in our neighbour country Austria for the first time, where the "Classic Expo" in the beautiful city of Salzburg offers a journey through...[more]

Category: Events

08/23/2014 Live Recording – Presentation of the Painting Westfalen AG

Art Presentation Westfalen AG

On the occasion of the company´s 90th anniversary the Westfalen Group commissioned an artwork for their new representative lobby of its central, Industrieweg 43 in Münster last year. With measurements of 3,8 x 3,8 metres my largest Logoartwork so...[more]

Category: Events

07/25/2014 Addendum on the Exhibition at Swiss Classic World 2014

Ferencz Olivier SCW2014 01

At the end of May I travelled to Switzerland with the three new painting series "Racing Legends – Le Mans" in order to present them in the new Allmend-Halls at the Swiss Classic World 2014 in Luzern.Also on board were further artworks from...[more]

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06/23/2014 Ferencz Olivier – New artist workshop

artist workshop Ferencz Olivier outside view

Since the beginning of this year I have been occupied with finding new rooms to relocate my living in working space within Münster.  I have created a new living space for my family and me at the Spiekerhof at the Spiegelturm. Here, in the heart...[more]

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05/23/2014 Ferencz Olivier - Exhibition at the Swiss Classic World 2014

Ferencz Olivier SCW2014

During the development phase of my project "Racing Legends - Le Mans" I have already played with the idea of a second fair in my this year's exhibition program. Through the feedback of various visitors during the Techno Classica...[more]

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04/30/2014 Legends of Motorsports - Le Mans at the Techno-Classica 2014

Techno-Classica 2014

At the end of last month I travelled to Essen to exhibit the five artworks of my project "Legends of Motorsports - Le Mans" at the 26th Techno-Classica Essen 2014. Just like last year the trade fair attracted almost 200.000 car...[more]

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04/17/2014 Ferencz Olivier – Handover of the painting Westfalen AG

Handover Westfalen AG

On 21st March 2014 the handover and mounting of my – until now – largest Logoart painting took place in the lobby of the redesigned company headquarter of Westfalen AG, Industrieweg 43 in Münster.The finish of my Westfalen AG project including a...[more]

Category: Events, Development

03/18/2014 Project Legends of Motorsports - Le Mans – Final Preparations

Catalogue Legends of Motorsports - Le Mans

My project Legends of Motorsports - Le Mans is approaching the final stretch. The planning of the trade show has already been finished and last week the catalogue accompanying the project has been finished with friendly support of Thiekötter...[more]

Category: Development, Events

02/17/2014 Project Westfalen AG – Final Preparations

Liquified gas-bottles

Next month, on 21st March 2014 the presentation of the artwork "Westfalen AG" is going to take place in the redesigned company headquarter at the Industrieweg. The family business, which was founded in 1923 and headquartered in...[more]

Category: Development, Events

01/23/2014 Ferencz Olivier at the Techno-Classica 2014

Techno-Classica 2014

Last year I used the 25th anniversary of the Techno-Classica Essen for the start of my exhibitions of the painting series "Rennsportlegenden - Mille Miglia". With more than 1250 exhibitors from more than 30 countries the TCE is the world´s...[more]

Category: Events, Development

11/26/2013 Racing Legends of the Past - Continued

Detail Racing Legends - Le Mans

For about one month I have been working on a sequel to the successful series  "Racing Legends of the Past". The first news-feed on this topic on 11th January 2013 illustrates very well which approaches this new project is based on....[more]

Category: Development

10/24/2013 Addendum to Retrospective Ferencz Oliver

grand opening

As already announced in my last article on the exhibition in the Dogana Veneta, I would like to post a few short lines and pictures on this topic.Meanwhile October has come and in the declining temperatures I delight in remembering the beautiful...[more]

Category: Events

07/11/2013 Ferencz Oliver - Exhibition in the Dogana Veneta

Dogana Veneta Lazise

In the end of May 2013 I the series of exhibitions of my picture series "Racing Legends - Mille Miglia" ended in Brescia. After the success of the last presentation during this year´s Mille Miglia I decided to exhibit in Italy one more...[more]

Category: Events

05/25/2013 Ferencz Olivier at the Mille Miglia 2013

Ferencz Olivier´s painting series Racing Legends - Mille Miglia

At the end of a series of exhibitions of my painting series "Racing Legends - Mille Miglia" I went to Italy last week together with the artworks. There this year´s Mille Miglia took place from 16th to 19th May.For the legendary road race...[more]

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05/03/2013 Ferencz Olivier – Successful trade fair presentation

Ferencz Olivier interview Techno Classica

From 10th to 14th April I exhibited my artwork "Racing legends - Mille Miglia" at the Techno Classica Essen. The dedicated trade fair for vintage cars and classic cars celebrated its 25th anniversary and received almost 200.000 visitors...[more]

Category: Events

04/09/2013 Project Racing Legends – Final Preparations

Catalogue Racing Legends - Mille Miglia

Punctually for the exhibition of my current project "Rennsportlegenden - Mille Miglia" at the Techno Classica Essen there is now a special section on my website. Here all information concerning my two latest works of art will be...[more]

Category: Development, Events

03/12/2013 Ferencz Olivier – Appearance at Techno-Classica trade-fair

Logo Techno-Classica Essen

In the beginning of this year I have already reported about my current project in the news feature Racing Legends of the Past. Meanwhile the first two large-sized artworks, dealing with the classical Mille Miglia from 1927 to 1957, have been...[more]

Category: Events, Development

02/04/2013 International Website - Ferencz Olivier

Ferencz Olivier Website in english

For some time now my website has had an English section – which until now has only sporadically been attended to. Therefore I am glad to announce that with the beginning of the year 2013 the complete translation of my website has been tackled and...[more]

Category: Development

01/11/2013 Racing Legends of the Past

Project Racing Legends of the Past (Detail)

For some time now, I have been dealing with the history of early racing in the first half of the last century.This time was the genesis of classical circuits like the Targa Florio(Italy), the Mille Miglia (Italy), the Autodromo Internazionale del...[more]

Category: Development

11/16/2012 Ferencz Oliver en route in Southern Germany

Bayern München bosses and their interviews in front of the Ferencz Oliver Logoart artwork.

Southern Germany is always worth a journey – not only because of the beautiful pictures in newspapers. Last Monday I was busy in Ettlingen and was able to discover the following, to my mind very beautifully illustrated articles in the local...[more]

Category: General

11/12/2012 Recording of the picture presentation Aschendorff

Ferencz Olivier art presentation Aschendorff 2012

From the recording of the 250th anniversary of the printing branch in the Aschendorff corporation, a 6 minute recording of the presentation of the Aschendorff-artwork was made by Duema Media last week. The celebration of the 250th anniversary took...[more]

Category: Events

09/20/2012 Artwork for the Aschendorff-Corporation

Logo for the Aschendorff-Corporation

My challenge as an artist is to depict the logos of companies artistically in a very exclusive way, so that figuratively spoken, a story is told to effect a profound emotional involvement with the company´s values, philosophy, overall concept and...[more]

Category: General

08/31/2012 Artwork for the Shoe Shop Zumnorde

Brandlogos Shoe Shop Zumnorde

Brandlogos beautify the Michaelissquare in Münster: The pictures were painted on the occasion of the 125th anniversary and hung up behind the non-reflecting glass of the shop-windows at the Dom-square.Special air ventilation ducts allow the...[more]

Category: General

06/21/2012 The New Ferencz Olivier corporate video

Ferencz Olivier corporate video

As already announced, we were finally able to complete the Ferencz Olivier corporate video this week. Based on the artist´s portrait of Ferencz Olivier, a 90 second film, dubbed by a professional narrator, has been assembled, in order to offer an...[more]

Category: General

03/30/2012 Ferencz Olivier – the Artist´s Portrait

Ferencz Olivier The Artist´s Portrait

Today I would like to present my new artist portrait to you, which is from now on accessible here, on my website under Portfolio, as well as on my YouTube-channell and on Facebook. This 8-minute showcase was made in March 2012, kindly supported by...[more]

Category: General

01/25/2012 A limited art print for the FC Augsburg

FC Augsburg Season 2011/12

On 28th January, on the occasion of the first home match of the second half of the season, Ference Olivier will visit the SGL Arena on the occasion of the match between the promoted team of the FC Augsburg and the 1. FC Kaiserslautern. For the...[more]

Category: Events

10/25/2011 Ferencz Olivier paints the BVB Champion Collage

BVB Champion Collage

The year of the current German soccer champion inspired the artist Ferencz Olivier to create a collage with different brands. The background colours stand for the German tricolour, the star for 7 x German champion and the Ballsportverein (BVB) as a...[more]

Category: General

10/20/2011 Real old newspapers for Ferencz Olivier´s Zeitart

Zeitart Bremen Box-Edition

Ferencz Olivier has started a cooperation with the Papyrus Newspaper Second Hand Shop. The newspaper archive has almost 2 million original newspapers and magazines from almost every possible date available. Interested people now have  the...[more]

Category: General

10/19/2011 300 Guests and more than 200.000 Euro donations


The 6th charity of the Civic Trust Rheinviertel. In connection with a wonderful and clear view on their neighbourhood the  Civic Trust Rheinviertel celebrated their 6th  charity ball on the Petersberg. Almost 300 guests experienced a...[more]

Category: Events

10/15/2011 Ferencz Olivier and the Civic Trust Rheinviertel

Priest 1

Today is the day. Under the patronage and presentation of the ZDF-TV-journalist Dunja Hayali the Civic Trust Rheinviertel invites to their 6th  Foundation Ball in the guesthouse of the federal government in the  Steigenberger Grandhotel...[more]

Category: Events

09/17/2011 "Münstarity" A successful charity event

Organizational team

Donations of roundabout 10.000 Euro were collected! The charity event, having been run for the first time and offering a felicitous mixture of enjoyment, arts and  aesthetics, contributed greatly to the charity project of Engel & Völkers...[more]

Category: Events

09/15/2011 A new Matador has risen

Matador 4

A new Matador has risen.The young Matador with his red jacket is on his way to the arena. He is facing his first fight and for a last time he enters the site of the oncoming spectacle in order to overcome his excitement before the spectators fill...[more]

Category: General

09/12/2011 Herthas Ben-Hatira in front of an artwork by Ferencz Olivier

Ben-Hatira and Ferencz Olivier

Last week a good friend of mine from Berlin contacted me. Because of his message on Hertha´s new Nr. 17, Änis Ben-Hatira, I could discover the painted Hertha BSC Logo-Artwork next to the report. Here Hertha´s newcomer with his new football shirt...[more]

Category: General

09/09/2011 Last preparations for the MÜNSTARITY Charity Event

Invitation card Münstarity

The last weeks of Ferencz Olivier were entirely dedicated to the planning and preparation of the  "Münstarity" - Charity. Ferencz Olivier will actively support the charity-project "It’s time to share" by Engel & Völkers...[more]

Category: Events

05/23/2011 Film Lecture Tank und Rast May 2011

Tank & Rast

On the occasion of the 60th company anniversary of Tank & Rast, besides creating a work of art, I also gave a lecture on the topic "Change is Art". I drew the connection between my art form and the evolutionary process in companies,...[more]

Category: Events

04/19/2011 A new website for Ferencz Olivier

New Website

The new website has now been completed and is online since July. Some topics will be updated during the next weeks, but the visitor can already  get a good overview, what the variety of Ferencz Olivier´s artwork looks like. Enjoy and be...[more]

Category: Development

03/22/2009 The Artist Ferencz Olivier presents the "German Theater Munich" Artwork

German Theater Munich

Here an excerpt from the report on the Ball of Nations in the German Theatre Munich on 07th ´February 2009: The artist Ferencz Olivier presented his work, which he has created  as an homage to the German Theatre. A first celebrity to...[more]

Category: Events

05/20/2008 Ferencz Olivier and VfB Stuttgart

VfB-Stuttgart Stadion Aktuell

In the attached PDF you will find an article about the 60th birthday of VfB-president Erwin Staudt and a very exclusive present at page 14.[more]

Category: General

01/15/2008 A Masterpiece for the Champions

Handing over VfB Stuttgart

Here you read an article that was published on the official website of the VfB Stuttgart 1893 e.V. In connection with the championship in 2007.[more]

Category: General

05/01/2006 The Painter Ferencz Olivier hands over the Werder Rhombus

Hand over Werder-Rhombus

The artist Ferencz Olivier next to his work "Werder-Rhombus". Klaus Allofs (left) and Manfred Müller (right) express their thanks for the excellent work.Here you can read an article, which was published on the website of Werder Bremen...[more]

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