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09/20/2012 18:29

Artwork for the Aschendorff-Corporation

Category: General
By: Ferencz Olivier
Logo for the Aschendorff-Corporation

Logo for the Aschendorff-Corporation on the occasion of their 250th anniversary

My challenge as an artist is to depict the logos of companies artistically in a very exclusive way, so that figuratively spoken, a story is told to effect a profound emotional involvement with the company´s values, philosophy, overall concept and history.

Using a painting technique that reminds of the frescos of the Italian Renaissance, I try to create cultural assets from a logo, as if it was a valuable artefact that is worth preserving it.

By a relief-like surface structure consisting of diverse materials like oil paint, marble dust, pigments, emulsions and beaten gold an additional paradigm and a more stable perception are added to the corporate identity. It emotionally enhances trust in the respective company and makes it appear even more valuable.

If then, besides the signet, additional graphical material in form of a collage and painted leitmotives occur in this context, the artwork can lead to a stronger identification with the company and make it appear more sympathetic.
Instead of only printed on paper in image-catalogues, the concepts appear to be chiselled into stone and are supposed to remind customers, personnel and management constantly of their special duty in their daily actions.

I was allowed to subject the signet of the Aschendorff Corporation, which was modified some years ago, to an artistic refinement on the occasion of the 250th anniversary and to hand it over during the official ceremonial act.

Bildübergabe beim offiziellen Festakt 

Ferencz Olivier hands over the artwork during the official ceremony.

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