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07/22/2015 11:09

Big Showcase Update

Category: General, Development
By: Ferencz Olivier
Button to my Retrospective

The Button to my Retrospective - always reacheble

Ferencz Olivier Retrospective

The new Ferencz Olivier Retrospective

A new section of my website has been set up in which the artworks and categories that I have created over the years can comprehensively be accessed. In an automatic slide show.
Such an area exists already since the beginning of this year under the menu item "Retrospective" , but it has been thoroughly worked over. Thereby it was functionally upgraded and a number of artworks have been added.
With this update the showcase has been supplemented with my recent project "Brand Epochs – Automobiles". Furthermore artworks have found a spot that have not yet been shown on my website so far. Now they can be viewed one by one more or less free-handedly thanks to the new player.
In the slideshow-mode my art categories "Logoart", "Weltart", "Einzigart", "Zeitart", "Eigenart", "Wappenart" as well as the projects "Brand Epochs", "Westfalen AG", "Racing Legends" - "Le Mans" and "Mille Miglia" and my first project "Tank und Rast" are shown consecutively, alphabetically sorted and without any interruption.
Even if this showcase does still not represent a complete retrospective of my artistic oevre of the last 14 years, I have created an extendible basis to present my works consistently and graphically and which can easily be accessed from every spot of my website.

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