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06/23/2014 16:45

Ferencz Olivier – New artist workshop

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By: Ferencz Olivier
artist workshop Ferencz Olivier outside view

The new artist workshop in the Versöhnungskirche

artist workshop Ferencz Olivier floor space

artist workshop Ferencz Olivier ceiling height

artist workshop Ferencz Olivier Versöhnungskirche

Since the beginning of this year I have been occupied with finding new rooms to relocate my living in working space within Münster.
I have created a new living space for my family and me at the Spiekerhof at the Spiegelturm. Here, in the heart of Münster, between the Überwasserkirche and the cathedral are now also my new gallery rooms.
For the new artist workshop I have found an inspiring location in the Versöhnungskirche between Friesenring and Martin-Luther-Street. The protestant church of the Apostle parish was consecrated on 15th October 1963 and is, like many sacral buildings in the early 1960ies defined by a strictly geometrical architecture with clear shapes. Onto the cubic ground floor an equilateral triangle was erected, whose eye-catching pediment shows triangular grid of coloured glass.
In the middle of the 1950ies the sculptor and artist "Rika Unger" from Münster has occupied herself intensively with the question of modern church architecture and was commissioned with the artistic design of the Versöhnungskirche in the 1960ies.
After the Apostle parish, together with the protestant church, had decided to profane the church building and to divest it together with the neighbouring parsonage and community centre in long-term lease, staff and artworks of the "LWL State Museum" were housed there during the reconstruction phase at the Domplatz.
With a ceiling height of 6 metres and a floor space of almost 240 square metres the new rooms offer ideal conditions for the work on my large scale artworks.

I will revise my website in the near future in order to present new images showing the new rooms in the areas "Gallery" and "Workshop".

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