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02/17/2014 19:23

Project Westfalen AG – Final Preparations

Category: Development, Events
By: Ferencz Olivier
Liquified gas-bottles

Ennobled liquified gas-bottles for the Westfalen AG


Visualization conceptual design artwork Westfalen AG

Next month, on 21st March 2014 the presentation of the artwork "Westfalen AG" is going to take place in the redesigned company headquarter at the Industrieweg.
The family business, which was founded in 1923 and headquartered in Münster, celebrated its ninetieth anniversary last year and ordered an artwork for the representative lobby. The four-storied building with its glassed fronts connects the 40 meters high administration building with the old building. In the more than 7 meters high lobby that opens toward the street my so far largest artwork from the Logoart category is going to be installed in March.
Measuring 3,8 x 3,8 metres, the artwork for the long-established company has proved to be very demanding in its making.
For the artwork I used diverse company logos from the founding of the „Sauerstoffwerke AG“ on 11th October 1923 until the introduction of the current brand logo in 2001. In my unique painting technique I demonstrate the development of the company´s logo within the last 90 years, whose central element, the rising white horse, still reminds of the coat of arms of the province Westphalia from 1881 and thus expresses the connection between the company with its region.
Additionally I have occupied myself with the ennoblement of gas-bottles. The metamorphosis of this common article of daily use stylises the company´s appreciation for a product of the Westfalen AG that the company´s success has been built on.

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