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11/26/2013 15:30

Racing Legends of the Past - Continued

Category: Development
By: Ferencz Olivier
Detail Racing Legends - Le Mans

At this place a detail of my current work as a foretaste of my new project.

For about one month I have been working on a sequel to the successful series  "Racing Legends of the Past". The first news-feed on this topic on 11th January 2013 illustrates very well which approaches this new project is based on. This time the focus will be on one further European neighbour with an outstanding racing tradition.

This time it will take us to France – to the even nowadays world´s most famous long distance race, in order to scrutinize the heroic chapter of the "24 Heures du Mans".

From the beginning in 1923 until its 90th anniversary the "24 hours of Le Mans" this year this for many people hardest and most prestigious race of the world has earned the status of a racing legend in automobile history due to its breathtaking duels between drivers and the competition between car manufacturers.

This model of many long distance races was not only supposed to prove the reliability of engines. It was also about accessories and especially the lights of the vehicles taking part, which then still were in their infancy. For this reason it was decided to send the drivers into a race that was also driven at night – the birth hour of the 24-hour races.

In order to score the overall victory the drivers had to have driven most laps on the city circuit of Le Mans when they crossed the finish line.

With the oncoming series of paintings carrying the title “Racing Legends – Le Mans“ I will put a spotlight onto the overall winners of the historical “24 Heures Du Mans" between 1923 and 1939 and the victorious racing car brands of this time.

In the „Hall of Fame“ of these first 16 races until the mandatory break caused by the Second World War are names like Bentley, Alfa Romeo and Bugatti, whose radiance still persists in further developed models of theses companies. On the other hand we also find names like Chenard & Walcker, Lorraine-Dietrich, Lagonda and Delahaye, which are less common today and make only racing enthusiasts and vintage car fans go into rhapsodies about.

What all of them have in common is a powerful emblem, which as a graphical sign reflects the brands´visual appearance through time – basis and origin of my Logoart.

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