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03/22/2009 15:45

The Artist Ferencz Olivier presents the "German Theater Munich" Artwork

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By: Ferencz Olivier
German Theater Munich

The Artist Ferencz Olivier next to his artwork "Deutsches Theater München" and the famous musician Hugo Strasser who perpetuated his name as an autograph on the artwork.

Here an excerpt from the report on the Ball of Nations in the German Theatre Munich on 07th ´February 2009:

The artist Ferencz Olivier presented his work, which he has created  as an homage to the German Theatre. A first celebrity to perpetuate himself with his autograph was Hugo Strasser.

Now you will ask: … what about the interior of this “dancing-tent”? Surprisingly good, with a n inviting flair!

From the outside it might be a “tent-building”, but the interior shows a sophisticated, extraordinary ambiance.

The lobby is laid out generously. In the sky dragons and montgolfieres are flying and over 40.000 light-stars create a glittering atmosphere. The walls are embellished by giant magnificent masks. Not without reason the scenery is under the motto “Theatre of the World – World Theatre”.

Around a dance floor of 14x16m tables are grouped. Behind them landings are built into several steps. Thus everybody has a clear view towards the dance floor and the stage.
Despite all negative headlines and speculations of the past, the German Theatre has continued its ambitious tradition and once again created a carnival-stronghold.

With world-class Latin dancing couples and our unrivalled shows this event is again going to be a legendary ball night full of atmosphere. 

From the sober dancing tent became a colourful and glittering dancing world! Do not hesitate and visit the Ball of the Nations. You will be surprised!

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