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Painted on commission »

Painting on commission has been part of artistic creation for centuries. Royal and noble dynasties were, besides the church, important clients for artists and painters. Especially the great fresco painters of the Italian Renaissance, who have influenced my painting technique, created their most famous works on commission.

As a freelance artist, I offer companies, associations and private persons to commission a work of art, following this ancient tradition, from my five art categories:



An artistic representation of  word marks or figuratives



An artistic interpretation of word marks, adding the globe as a stylistic element to visualize its international presence



An artistic interpretation of word marks and figuratives with additional graphic material as a collage of important events, assets, milestones and personalities that are brought into connection with the brand logo



An individual-related work of art as a journey through time with the additional use of original historical print products on the occasion of a special anniversary or birthday



Here works of art are created, inspired by impressions and experiences, which are available to everyone interested in arts. Through high-value reproductive techniques, limited, refined and hand-signed master-prints are offered to collectors.



The artworks of Objektart are three-dimensional bodies that imitate the design of petrol pumps and advertising pillars. They show motifs from the subject areas that occur in the art categories Logoart, Zeitart, Einzigart and Wappenart.