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In the category Independent Art you will find works of art that emerged from diverse experiences and impressions and still leave room for interpretation.

The Matador

My many journeys to Spain inspired me to paint a matador. The matador is much adored on the Iberian Peninsula and represents courage and strength.

I painted him turned away from the beholder on purpose, in order not to blur the symbolic force by a face. Thus the beholder can more easily identify with the person and discovers parallels to his own life situation where courage and strength are required in order to cope with a challenge.

Personally, I identify myself with the habitus of the matador, but not with bullfights.

The Priest

A picture that presents an outlook towards the story behind the story inspired me to create the artwork "The Priest".

On purpose, the cleric was painted turned away from the spectator in order to direct the attention towards the religious force that the carrier represents as a mediator between deity and man. The painting shows an epiphany, covering the whole area of the painting in form of light beams and leaves room for own interpretations.

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