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For moments that deserve something very special

There are occasions and events in the history of a company or club that pose great milestones. Maybe an anniversary, reaching great sportive aims, a trend-setting completion of a new building as well as the birthday of a deserving board member, manager or founder of the company. To dignify such an event adequately and to hand over a unique gift at the same time, which, even after many years, will remind of an unrivalled event in a unique way, is my heartfelt wish, to which I will dedicate all my passion and attention to the detail.

The techniques and materials used are equivalent to those used in Logo Art. But further I will seek traces, do research on backgrounds and include individual quotations and photographs into the respective motif. Thus unique works of art are created that tell stories and open an insight into the here and now at the same time.

If you wish to dignify a very special occasion exceptionally, I would love to make you an individual suggestion.