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Mark designations and figurative marks – the coats of arms of our time

We encounter them wherever we go and they leave, consciously or subconsciously, inefaceable traces: wordmarks and figuratives communicate values, arouse emotions and reflect philosophies. Often they are companions of multiple generations and thus they become real cultural assets. Of course the coats of arms of our consumer society are subject to major or minor changes, but without losing their message or identity. My passion is mainly concerned with snap-shots of such logos. I want to give them, figuratively spoken, more charisma and thus open new perspectives for their beholder.

Here the wheel of my passion for Italian frescos is come full circle. On rough canvas I apply an equally historic character to the logos by using different painting techniques and thus increase their degree of popularity. Working with oil paint, acrylic emulsion, natural pigments, marble dust and beaten gold as well as real silver effects a plastic relief-like structure. The beholder cannot avoid the impression to face a cultural artefact that has been crafted a long time ago.

Companies already owning such an exhibit appreciate and know how to use these features. The paintings are presented to the public preferably in prominent places. The beholders are immediately magnetized by the interplay of something new and something familiar. They recognize tradition, the special promise and allow themselves to be inspired by the distinctive expression of the logo. An effect that leaves back a lasting impression and adds greatly to the image of the company. In case of interest in Logo-Art, after a first talk with my client, conceptual designs will be painted and presented in a personal meeting, in order to agree upon the motif, material and format.