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Sculptures and Advertising Columns

The art-category of Objektart, newly created by me in 2015, is currently divided into the following fields:


Sculptural objects with a motif head in different dimensions. Depending on the execution they con be placed freestanding or hanging on the wall. Registration is required for access to this area.

Objektart-Advertising Columns

Large free-standing objects where the motif on canvas is fitted around the object body.

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The derivation of Objektart

Already in ancient times and the ancient Roman period, shields were not only used for protection. The front-sides of these protective weapons showed diverse, partly intimidating coats of arms and symbols, which mainly had a representative function and showed ranks and affiliations. The purpose was to identify the carrier for the enemy as well as his own men.
In order to warrant this identification even over a large distance, flags were used, for example pennants or standards. These standards should promote orientation, team spirit and fighting morale.

This function of a long way visibility is also taken advantage of by advertising media from the advertising pillar to modern LED-advertising displays. Until today they serve communication and promulgation of messages.
With the workpieces of the art-category Objektart that I have newly introduced in 2015, I take on these principles and produce sculptures and Advertising Columns with high-value materials. They illustrate an attitude, make a statement and enable the spectator to identify with the applied motif.
In the long range effect Objektart with its components reminds of boundary marks and pylons as those used in traffic, bridge-construction and advertising. Furthermore the form language allows the association with old petrol pumps of the 1960ies as they can still be found along the legendary Route 66 today.

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