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A journey through time becomes a very exclusive gift

The history of companies and associations is full of special occasions and events representing real milestones, whether it be the company´s anniversary, the achievement of ambitious goals, the trend-setting construction of a new building or the birthday of an honoured board member, CEO or of the founder of the company. I am particularly preoccupied with honouring and celebrating such occasions adequately and, at the same time, presenting a unique gift that will still be a reminiscent of those unforgettable events for a long time.

For this purpose I use the same techniques and materials as in Logo-Art, but – in addition – I will investigate backgrounds and research and integrate individual quotations as well as photographic material consistent with the respective motive. Thus, unique works of art are created, works of art that can tell stories and open up an unparalleled view on the here and now.

If you would also like to celebrate a very exclusive occasion in an extraordinary, artistic way I will be pleased to submit you my individual proposal.

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