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A coat of arms with a genuine old newspaper becomes an exclusive present

Embedding an original newspaper from the day of one´s birth into a work of art in connection with a specific birthday, makes Coat of Arms Art an emotional and personal present.

1. Variant

The coat of arms of a city or a federal state of your choice will be painted on canvas  (60cm x 50cm). Due to a specific painting technique the artwork will remind of a valuable cultural artefact in a museum. The the boxed edition includes the original newspaper from the respective birthday in a support frame behind the coat of arms artwork. With a brass spring lock the box can be closed and attached to a wall in an exposed place.  
In the following search form you can enter the date and choose from the available genuinely old  newspapers from the date of your anniversary in an archive.

Coat of Arms artwork in the original boxed edition with shadow box frame, including newspaper.

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