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A journey through time becomes an exclusive present

A work of Time-Art commemorates a specific event and will be artistically designed like a  magazine´s frontpage.  In the premium edition, painted figuratives like your favourite club, a famous car brand or a city´s coat of arms with which the beneficiary identifies himself and is identified with, will be included in the artwork. Thus a journey through time through the jubilee´s life with many pleasant memories is created and becomes a very exclusive present.

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Examples of Ferencz Olivier´s Zeitart

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Detailed view using the example of “Die Zeit” by Ferencz Olivier

  • Size from  190cm x 160cm
  • Oil/Mixed Media/Collage
  • Time travel with stations in the jubilee´s life
  • Favourite brands with slogans
  • Original newspaper from the day of birth included

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