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Brands of an Epoch - Benz »

In Mühlburg, a district of today´s Karlsruhe the mechanical engineer Karl Friedrich Michael Vaillant was born as the child of the maidservant Josephine Vaillant and train driver Johann Georg Benz. After his studies and founding of diverse companies this car pioneer constructed a tricycle with a combustion engine and electric ignition in his company Benz & Cie. Rheinische Gasmotorenfabrik in Mannheim, which had been registered in 1883. This tricycle counts as the first practically usable car after its patent registration. From the merger with Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen arose the Daimler-Benz AG in 1926, which should henceforth use the brand name Mercedes-Benz. The logo combines the star of DMG with the laurel wreath of Benz.

Benz - Edition 2015

Brands of an Epoch - Benz

Brands of an Epoch - Benz
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 1,7 x 2,0 m

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