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Brands of an Epoch - Ferrari »

A farmer boy, born in the Emilia-Romagna area in 1898, discovered his interest in the emerging technology of combustion engines in his father´s metal workshop and developed a passion for the early car races of the 20th century. The rise of Enzo Anselmo Ferrari in the renowned racing sport department of Alfa Romeo made the foundation of an own racing team in 1929 possible. Under the name Scuderia Ferrari the vehicles first built in Modena and in Maranello since 1943 created sensations and have harvested numerous successes on international racing tracks until today. From the 1930ies onward the logo shows the Cavallino Rampante in a coat of arms that is framed with the Tricolore in the upper part and the initials S F on yellow ground - the colour of the city of Modena.

Ferrari - Edition 2015

Brands of an Epoch - Ferrari

Brands of an Epoch - Ferrari
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 1,7 x 2,0 m

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