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Convinced that the car was the vehicle of the future, the railway engineer Ernest Chenard, together with his long-time companion, mining engineer Henri Walcker, founded the Société Chenard & Walcker, situated in Asnières north-west of Paris, on 19th January 1899. After developing motorized two- and three-wheelers, a double victory in the first 24-hours-race in Le Mans 1923 started the company´s golden age. In the following years they advanced to the fourth largest car manufacturer in France. Through numerous victories on Europe´s racing circuits with the Chenard & Walcker Sport models they achieved the reputation of the invincible Chenard & Walcker among their rivals.

Section Chenard & Walcker

Le Mans Overall champions MPD Section Chenard & Walcker

Racing Legends - Le Mans
Chapter 1 - Section Chenard & Walcker
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 2,0 x 1,4 m

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