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Fascinated by the first automobiles, the French automobile pioneer Émile Delahaye experimented with steam- and combustion engines after his engineer studies, until he began manufacturing his own vehicles in his home town Tours in 1894, which lies in a distance of only 70 kilometres to the later Circuit de la Sarthe. His participation in the Paris car showroom and diverse racing events boosted the degree of brand awareness and sales numbers of the Société des Automobiles Delahaye. Under chief designer Charles Weiffenbach they ascended to the most innovative producers of cars in the 1930ies. With their first participation in Le Mans in 1935 the brand Delahye could always be found among the top ten until 1939 and in 1938 even a double victory was achieved with the racing car Type 135 Compétition Spéciale.

Section Delahaye

Le Mans Overall champions MPD Section Delahaye

Racing Legends - Le Mans
Chapter 1 - Section Delahaye
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 2,0 x 1,4 m

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