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The American Wilbur Gunn had already earned a reputation as opera singer, before he emigrated to England in 1891, in order to dedicate himself to his second obsession: the construction of machines. Under the sonorous name Lagonda Engineering Company, an homage to his home town in Ohio, he first produced steam engines for boats in Staines, Middlesex from 1899. Later motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles followed, until the first four-wheeled vehicles entered the market in 1907. A victory in the race Moscow - St. Petersburg in 1910 established the reputation as sport- and luxury brand. Already in 1928 Lagonda took part in the race in Le Mans, until the sportive success story was crowned with a victory of a Lagonda M45R Rapide in 1935.

Section Lagonda

Le Mans Overall champions MPD Section Lagonda

Racing Legends - Le Mans
Chapter 1 - Section Lagonda
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 2,0 x 1,4 m

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