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Chapter 2 - Class winners from 1927 to 1957 »

In contrast to the series of the overall champions chapter 2 of my project "Racing legends" is exclusively dedicated to the winners of the diverse racing sport categories of the classical Mille Miglia. This chapter of currently 4 sections shows the historical brand logos of the racing car brands Bugatti, Maserati, Aston Martin und Porsche in a story that can be expanded to both sides.

Here as well, high-value oils, acrylic emulsions, natural pigments, marble dust, beaten gold and real silver are applied on rough canvas in a sophisticated multi-layered painting. The so created relief-like structure with its rough surface creates an emotional representation and the beholder cannot avoid the impression to stand in front of a cultural artefact that was created a long time ago. I integrate historical print products, photo- and image footage whereby a fluent transition from section to section is created that envelops the historical charm and character of these racing legends.

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