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The plane engine- and motorcycle producer BMW started its automobile production in 1928. With their model Type 328, developed in 1935, BMW could achieve numerous successes in car races – just as in the I. Gran Premio Brescia delle Mille Miglia. Because of the severe accidents in the preceding year, the Mille Miglia paused in 1939 and was only run again on a triangular course of ca. 165 km in April 1940.

On this nine-times-to-go course between Brescia, Cremona and Mantua the victorious BMW Coupé reached an average speed of roughly 167 km/h and bestowed the overall victory of the Mille Miglia upon the pilots as the second of three non-Italian teams.

Section BMW

Mille Miglia overall champions section BMW

Legends of motor sports - Mille Miglia
Chapter 1 - Section BMW
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 2,0 x 1,4 m

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