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The GT40 was born out of a decision made by Henry Ford in 1962 to break from the long-standing agreement between US car manufacturers not to directly enter motor racing.

Ford initially targeted the Indianapolis 500 but towards the end of the year, Roy Lunn, the English born head of the Ford Advanced Vehicle centre, was commissioned to design a sports car for the Grand Touring Prototype Cars class. Eric Broadley at Lola in England was working on a similar project and Lunn looked closely at the resulting Lola MK 6, deciding to use the design as the basis for the new Ford.

Broadley was recruited to a new company, Ford Advanced Vehicles, together with Lunn and former Aston Martin team manager John Wyer.

Rofgo-Collection - Chapter 1 - Zeitart - Section 1 - Ford

Rofgo-Collection - Zeitart - Section 1 - Ford

Rofgo Collection - Edition 2008-2019
Chapter 1 - Section 1 - Ford
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 2,0 x 1,4 m

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