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Bruce McLaren Motor Racing was an independent racing car constructor right from the beginning. Since 1966, Bruce McLaren entered the Formula 1 World Championship with his own cars.

These cars were initially designed by Robin Herd. In the first years McLaren did not have sufficient resources to build the cars himself. Therefore Trojan, the British maker of small cars, was tasked with the cars' development. Here all McLaren racing cars for the Formula 1 and the Formula 5000 and some Can-Am-cars emerged until the early 1970s.

McLaren achieved first successes in races in the 1960s and 1970s, with the cars painted in their special orange colour. This paint, known as papaya-orange, is also used today by the McLaren team for their racing cars.

Rofgo-Collection - Chapter 1 - Zeitart - Section 2 - McLaren

Rofgo-Collection - Zeitart - Section 2 - McLaren

Rofgo Collection - Edition 2008-2019
Chapter 1 - Section 2 - McLaren
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 2,0 x 1,4 m

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