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Andy Warhol was a co-founder of American Pop Art. This art form, developing in the 1950s till the middle of the 1960s, often displays motives taken from everyday culture, consumption, advertising and the mass media.

Warhol loved doing the same thing over and over again and had his motives reproduced, using serigraphy. In 1962 Warhol had his first solo exhibition with his Campbells Soup Cans, in which he showed 32 almost identical pictures, because the tinned soup was available in 32 different flavours.

My artistic approach in connection with a specific painting techique evokes the impression that the artwork with its relief-like structure and its apparel reminding of a fresco, was created before that time and more or less represents the lithographic printing plate for planned lithographies.

Rofgo-Collection - Chapter 2 - Pop-Art - Le Mans Steve McQueen

Rofgo-Collection - Chapter 2 - Pop-Art - Le Mans Steve McQueen

Rofgo Collection - Edition 2008-2019
Chapter 2 - Pop-Art - Le Mans Steve McQueen
Mixed media on canvas
Measurements 1,4 x 2,8 m

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