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In the Neuro Medicine project a work of Logoart was created in 2015, which serves representative purposes in the foundation´s office at the Albert-Schweitzer-Campus in Münster. The artwork, measuring 4 metres in breadth and 1,4 metres in height was ceded to the foundation in order to honour their charitable work.
You can find a detailed article on history of the artwork´s origins and the Neuro Medicine Foundation in the news section of my website. Just follow the link on the right side.

Views of the Neuro Medicine Foundation artwork in situ

Artwork at the Albert-Schweitzer-Campus
Floor in front of the Neuromedicine Foundation office in Münster
Logoart artwork Stiftung Neuromedizin
View of the Ferencz Olivier Logoart-artwork from the side
Description vor Ort in situ
Description of the Neuromedicine Foundation Logoart-artwork

Detail screens of the Neuro Medicine Foundation artwork

Artwork Stiftung Neuromedizin - Detail 1
Detail 1
Artwork Stiftung Neuromedizin - Detail 2
Detail 2
Artwork Stiftung Neuromedizin - Detail 3
Detail 3

News Article about the Neuro Medicine Foundation

Ferencz Olivier and the Neuromedicine Foundation

It was in October 2014 when I made the acquaintance of Prof. Dr. med. Heinz Wiendl, a young physician with great interest in art via a contact of another customer. Next to his position as the director of the neurologi