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Preliminary draft Westfalen AG
Preliminary draft Westfalen AG-Artwork

Description of the Project:
The long-established company Westfalen AG in Münster celebrate their 90-years-existence in the end of 2013. On the occasion of this anniversary in May 2014, my artwork "Westfalen AG" will be presented during the inauguration of the newly remodelled headquarters at the Industrieweg.

The artwork from the category Logoart with measurements of 3,80 x 3,80 m will representatively be installed in the new lobby and will receive its finishing there in cooperation with the company´s management.

Project Time: May 2014 to May 2014
Presentation: Thursday, 08th May 2014

Website of the Westfalen AG
Article in the Westfälischen Nachrichten - 19.04.2012
Article in the Westfälischen Nachrichten - 08.05.2014
Website of the Architekturbüro bka

Handover of the painting Westfalen AG - 21st March 2014 »

Handover of the painting Westfalen AG
Gerhard Schlüter, Ferencz Olivier, Renate Fritsch-Albert and Thomas Kuhlmann in front of the new artwork.
Framing of canvas
Framing of canvas
Ferencz Olivier
Ferencz Olivier
Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert
Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert with his grandfather

Presentation of the Westfalen AG artwork - 08.05.2014 »

On 8th May 2014 the public presentation of the Westfalen AG artwork took place to which the Westfalen Group and the founding family Fritsch-Albert had invited to the opening ceremony of their newly designed company headquarters at the Industrieweg 43 in Münster.

Presentation Westfalen AG
Ferencz Olivier presents the artwork Westfalen AG
new lobby Westfalen AG
The artwork Westfalen AG in the company headquarters´ new lobby.
management board Westfalen AG
Westfalen AG management board (fltr): Reiner Ropohl, Wolfgang Fritsch-Albert, Dr. Carsten Wilken

Futher informationen about my projekt Westfalen AG con be found in the news section of this website.

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